Mike Lindell Is Getting Some Help In The Dominion Lawsuit From A VERY Important Lawyer

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Sources say Mike Lindell will not be going into the Dominion lawsuit without help from one of America’s best legal minds.

This is fantastic!

Mike Lindell is getting advice from one of America’s greatest legal minds, so he can do battle with the evil empire known as Dominion.

The same Dominion that robbed you and I of true democracy.

Alan Dershowitz is reportedly coming to the aid of Mike Lindell, giving him advice for the upcoming lawsuit.

I am EXTREMELY excited about this, because Dershowitz is a legal juggernaut.

Armed with Dersh, I am pretty sure Mike Lindell will win his defamation suit, and he might just be able to turn the tide against Dominion.

Here are the latest reports:

CNBC reported:

Former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is advising lawyers for MyPillow CEO and election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell in the $1.3 billion defamation suit brought against him by Dominion Voting Systems.

But Dershowitz, the famed free-speech advocate and onetime impeachment lawyer for former President Donald Trump, insists that he’s merely playing a bit part in the proceedings.

“My role is extremely limited,” Dershowitz told CNBC on Tuesday in a phone call.

Dershowitz maintained he is “not representing either Lindell or MyPillow,” and that he is only offering advice on the First Amendment issues surrounding the case.

Newsweek had more details on The Lindell-Dominion case:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said Monday that he plans to launch two counter lawsuits against Dominion Voting Systems, one in his personal capacity and the other on behalf of MyPillow.

During an appearance on the latest edition of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast, Lindell announced his plans to legally strike back, claiming that the voting machine company had violated the First Amendment rights of all Americans as well as federal anti-racketeering laws.

“You’re also going to have MyPillow going after Dominion in a countersuit and that’s going to your First Amendment speech. You’re going to have me go after them, counter-suing them,” Lindell said. “There are two cases, one will be MyPillow, one will be Mike Lindell. We’re both going after them. They’re a little bit different because one of them, what Dominion did was violate the First Amendment rights of everyone in this country by using bullying lawsuits and RICO law.”

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