Democratic Socialists of America Candidates Sweep All of the Democrat Party Seats in Nevada Election

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The Democrat Socialists of America candidates swept all of the top Democrat Party seats in the weekend elections in Nevada.

The Democrat Socialists of America, a Marxist offshoot, have been making inroads in Nevada since the rise of Bernie Sanders.

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The old-time Democrats immediately resigned following the elections and moved their money to a safe place.

Akela Lacy and Ryan Grim at The Intercept reported:

NOT LONG AFTER Judith Whitmer won her election on Saturday to become chair of the Nevada Democratic Party, she got an email from the party’s executive director, Alana Mounce. The message from Mounce began with a note of congratulations, before getting to her main point.

She was quitting. So was every other employee. And so were all the consultants. And the staff would be taking severance checks with them, thank you very much.

On March 6, a coalition of progressive candidates backed by the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America took over the leadership of the Nevada Democratic Party, sweeping all five party leadership positions in a contested election that evening. Whitmer, who had been chair of the Clark County Democratic Party, was elected chair.

The establishment had prepared for the loss, having recently moved $450,000 out of the party’s coffers and into the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s account. The DSCC will put the money toward the 2022 reelection bid of Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, a vulnerable first-term Democrat.

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