COUNTDOWN: Nixon WH Counsel John Dean Predicts The Trump Witch Hunt Is Far From Over

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Donald Trump may no longer be taking arrows and spears from his political enemies in Washington, D.C., but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have a figurative target on his back.

John Dean, who served as White House counsel under President Richard Nixon when he was on a glide path toward impeachment in 1973 over the Watergate break-in, said online this week he thinks Trump is about to be indicted by a prosecutor in New York.

“From personal experience as a key witness I assure you that you do not visit a prosecutor’s office 7 times if they are not planning to indict those about whom you have knowledge. It is only a matter of how many days until DA Vance indicts Donald & Co.,” Dean tweeted along with a Reuters article explaining that former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen has met more than a half-dozen times with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

At present, Vance — who Trump has accused of engaging in the latest partisan witch hunt against him — is ‘investigating’ the former president’s business dealings.

Reuters reported:

Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, said he would go in for a seventh interview on Wednesday with the Manhattan district attorney’s office pursuing a criminal investigation into the former U.S. president.

In a brief interview with Reuters, he likened a March 1 U.S. Supreme Court decision denying Trump’s last-ditch effort to keep his tax records private to the “holy grail” for Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.’s investigation into whether the Trump Organization committed financial crimes.

After that ruling, Vance’s office obtained millions of pages of records from Trump’s accountants at Mazars USA LLP, including tax returns and the business records on which they are based, and communications between the Trump Organization and its accountants.

“Dean served as a key witness in the 1973 Senate trials regarding the Watergate scandal and detailed during his testimony how White House officials, including Nixon, obstructed justice in order to cover up the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters,” The Hill reported.

“Dean was later convicted of obstruction of justice and served four months in prison, after which he published two books about his role in the Watergate scandal,” the outlet added.

It’s impossible to know what Vance thinks he has on the former president, but one thing is clear: His investigation isn’t about ‘justice’ it’s about revenge — taking the left’s pent-up and unprecedented frustration and anger out on a man who beat them and all the other odds to ascend to become the most powerful man on the planet, and who kept his promises to root out the bipartisan deep state corruption that had controlled American politics for decades.

If you doubt that then ask yourself how it’s possible that suddenly, after all the years Trump’s business empire grew, went bust, grew again, floundered, and then grew again, that a state prosecutor with a long Democratic Party lineage is suddenly suspicious that he’s dirty.

There’s something else to lead us to believe everything Vance and state Attorney General Letitia James are doing to target the Trumps is political.

Remember a guy named Robert Mueller? He was empowered by the Justice Department probe anything and everything about Trump, his businesses, his personal life, and his foreign contacts as part of the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation.

And Mueller’s Democrat-supporting attack dogs did not find so much as Trump paying a fine for a late parking ticket.

We’re not saying Dean isn’t prophetic; we’re saying that Vance is a schmuck who is conducting a political, not justice-related, probe.

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